Boden’s quality promise
Made to last

Boden's quality promise

If you like our stuff you’ll already know we’ve never been faddish or fast about fashion. Our products take time to design, time to make and test, and time for Johnnie to change his mind about the buttons… and back again. The way we see it, the more time we put in, the more you’ll get out.

We’re happy to hang our hat on our quality promise, which guarantees that every item we make will stay the course for 365 days (although we hope it continues to bring you wardrobe joy for years to come).

We promise not to quibble on that… unless a creative toddler has used your T-shirt as a canvas for their Jackson Pollock interpretation, or an angry Jack Russell has snacked on the hood. (There are some – very fair – terms and conditions here that explain exactly where we stand on returns.)

Products with staying power

Everything we do is made to last, and the proof is in your posts. There’s nothing we enjoy more than comments and pictures telling us about an ancient pair of jeans or a wrap dress still in circulation. Here’s how much life some of our customers have squeezed out of their Boden…

Fabric testing

Tested by textile fanatics

Before anything arrives on our website (or appears in the pages of our catalogues), it’s been through an ultra-marathon of product-testing by our suppliers and teams. At Boden House, our own team of fashion boffins carry out gruelling fit, comfort and quality tests. We try to replicate whatever we think you’ll be getting up to in our clothes – ensuring you can drive a car in our jackets, pick up a baby in our blouses and step onto a bus in our pencil skirts. We wash our childrenswear samples the equivalent of 30 times to make sure the tractors stay appliquéd and the stripes keep on the straight and narrow. At our suppliers’ own high-tech labs, every aspect of product performance is tested, and tested again.

As product perfectionists, we also work with textile students at Nottingham Trent University on a product testing module. They set up wearer trials and complex garment assessments, and then present back to the Boden team. We’re told we score very highly against other brands – but we won’t be resting on our laurels.

Charity donations

Passing on the joy

Our unsold clothes go straight to charities. Since we started working with Scope in 2013, they’ve made £876,000 from selling Boden products, making us one of the charity’s biggest donors. We contribute clothes (17 full lorry loads in two years) to family packs headed for countries in urgent need, such as Malawi and Zambia. We’re making an impact in the US too: we’ve donated over 14,000 items to our US charity partner M25M so far, aiding victims of disaster worldwide. And we continue to host swap shops at Boden House so that all of our staff can pass on the joy. Next year we will be passing on the joy in our two London stores. Customers will be invited to deposit any unwanted clothes in-store recycling box so they can be sent away to start a new life in a new wardrobe. Watch this space!

Of course, you can do your bit to extend the life of your Boden clothes. Find out how to treat them right – and love them for longer – in our care guides.